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DOWNLOAD: Deborah Lukalu – Tabiri mp3 (Video & lyrics)

DOWNLOAD: Deborah Lukalu – Tabiri mp3 (Video & lyrics)

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Tabiri Lyrics – Deborah Lukalu

Eko na tenda
I Prophesy (×3)
oh oh oh

Verse 1:

No eye has seen
No ear has heard
No mind has conceived what God has for me
These dry bones have to live again
I have the power to Prophesy
Greater that is me
than the one that lives in the world

No weapon formed against me shall prosper
I am more than a conqueror
I cannot be moved nor shaken
Demons tremble before me
I am a Victor I’m not a victim
That is why I Prophesy

“Eko na tenda
I Prophesy”
Oh oh oh

Verse 2 :

My God
No more oppression
No more depression
No isolation
I’m no longer a prisoner
Because I am free
I Prophesy over my life
that I’m the head and not the tail

I Prophesy over my life
That I’m above and not beneath
I declare
I’m growing stronger
I declare
I’m getting better
Im going higher
I am increasing
And I’m moving forward


Eko na tenda
I Prophesy
oh oh oh

(wewe peke nabii wa
Maisha yako Tabiri) Prophesy

Bridge :1

This is my moment
It’s my season
It’s my time to shine again
I Prophesy , I’m ready to overtake, all my blessings follow me , eccelerate, Overflow

I say No to oppression
No to depression
No to every bondage
I am blessed and I say
No no no to failure
No to sickness
No to curse
No to poverty
I say no to barrenness
Mmm no no
I say no no no no
No no no mina katala
Na boi na nga (I say no) Ugonjwa wote (sickness)
Utasa wote (unfruitfulness) Matatizo yote (problems)
MINA KATALA (I say no)
Come and see what the LORD has done…

Bridge 2:

Ayo Ayolele
(Iyo iyolele)

I Prophesy blessings
I Prophesy healing
I Prophesy breakthrough
Eh Tabiri ×6

Over your children
Over your house
Over your finances
Ah Tabiri×

Mama Tabiri eh Tabiri
Baba Tabiri eh Tabiri
Dada Tabiri eh Tabiri
Ndoungu eh Tabiri

Prophesy Prophesy in the holy ghost
Unexpected blessings to locate you

Iyo iyolele
Mama Tabiri
Mu wa toto wakho Tabiri
Dada Tabiri
mu ndowa yako Tabiri
Baba Tabiri
Chimama baba Tabiri
Mu kazi yako Tabiri
Mu masomo yako Tabiri

(Iyo iyolele)

DOWNLOAD: Deborah Lukalu – Tabiri mp3 (Video & lyrics)

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