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The Reason Lyrics – Wilder/Tribl

You’re the center of my attention
The only thing I want is you
You’re focus of my affection
The only thing I want is you 2x

You’re the reason I’m here
You’re the reason I’m here
You’re the reason that my hearts still singing
You’re the reason I breathe
You’re the reason I dream
You’re the reason that my life has meaning

I was searching, I was hiding
I was desperately in need of you.
So you left Heaven to come and find me
Oh, where would I be if not for you
Oh, where would I be if not for you

For all my days
My soul will say
Always and Only Jesus.

My heart is yours
Always and Only Jesus.

TRIBL’s mission is to be the home of live, moment-driven worship. We hope these songs and moments bring encounter with God’s Presence and continue to be a place where His heart is revealed.

Let’s unite the tribes, together.

Film: Mary Claire Stewart /

Producers: Brian Elmquist /Tribl

The Reason mp3

About Song – The Reason

Premiered on 10/07/2020

Music Video for “The Reason” by WILDER “The Reason” was written by Stefan Cashwell, Cody Carnes, Sean Curran, and Heath Balltzglier during a Maverick City Music camp. This video was captured at WILDER’s live recording at Oglethorpe Chapel in Atlanta. “The Reason” features the Maverick City Music Choir along with many other WILDER family and friends in the room that night. You can stream “The Reason” and their entire release, Wilder, TODAY on the TRIBL app and everywhere you listen to music!

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