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DOWNLOAD: Prospa Ochimana – Dojima n’mojo mp3 (Video & Lyrics) Ft Abigail Omonu

Prospa Ochimana – Dojima n’mojo Ft Abigail Omonu

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Dojima N’wojo Lyrics – Prospa Oshimana

If it had not been you being on side
If it had not been you never let me down
I would have been prey to the enemy
I could have fallen by the way side

So let us
Dojima nw’ojo, dojima nwu Jehova
Dojima nw’ojo, dojima nwu Jehova
Dojima nwu Jehova…

So let us
Dojima nwu my Father
My way maker Lord
So let us dojima nwu
Ach’ele kima kisha
So let us dojima nwu
Baba mi’o

Prospa Ochimana – Dojima n’mojo Ft Abigail Omonu

So let us
Dojima nw’ojo, dojima nwu Jehova
Dojima nw’ojo, dojima nwu Jehova
Dojima nwu Jehova…

A… A… Abu nagwu we kaade
Todu ejumomi ogba jejewe ojomi’o
Todu edeju k’omi dejuyi ojomi’o
Okoche edu gwu’ogba oko
Ot’ube edu gwu’ogba aji
One k’ojo Ch’ona ogba ch’ona nwu’o…
Oka’nyi ad’oli ki’maba
Usha. Ki ma hi’enwu etu
Apata. K’odu ma gwa
Akpabana Kpai omamanya
U’bioko Kia Logane Ohimini
Ejona ki Ma ke’nolo
Akpabana Kpai omamanya ojomi’o
Opkologidi yioko Kia chaji godogodo
Idu choko’wuya Kai’lo ki b’amajode
Otemeje Jehovah agaba
Dojima Dojima Dojima…

So let us
Dojima nw’ojo, dojima nwu Jehova
Dojima nw’ojo, dojima nwu Jehova
Dojima nwu Jehova…

About Song

Premiered Aug 28, 2020Prospa Ochimana Releases Official Video for Dojima N’wojo Feat. Abigail Omonu After building so much anticipation for one of the leading songs off the Ekwueme to the World Album finally comes the official video for ‘Dojima N’wojo’. Dojima N’wojo is a song in Igala, a language in the North Central part of Nigeria and means ‘Glorify God’. Dojima N’wojo is a song of Praise, ascribing glory to the Most High God. In this beautiful song has the very anointed Minister.Abigail Omonu as a feature. Since the release of the album, the single ‘Dojima N’wojo’ has so far remained a huge blessings to the Igala community and the world at large. God created man only to worship and glorify Him. It’s my desire that Dojima N’wojo will build an intense atmosphere of deep fellowship as you listen and watch.

Prospa Ochimana – Dojima n’mojo Ft Abigail Omonu

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