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Lil Baby – From Now On ft Future – Lyrics

FaceTime we still talk in codes, I think the Feds on every iPhoneNo more Polo t-shirts, put that shit on, everyday from now onSwitchin’ up my image, no more pictures with my styrofoamWhy the fuck I keep buyin’ these houses if I’m never home?I’m with gang, they never wrong, supermodel, I’m steppin’ on ’emSearch for ’em, my weapon on ’emBuy three, four bags at one timeTreat the condo like a trap houseOther spot a baby compoundBad bitches gettin’ the run-aroundBruh a track star, he run shit downI made this shit half of a one poundI told bro ‘dem, “One band, one sound”She like, “Fuck the club, let’s stay in”‘Cause she gotta get a new tape inPockets too big, they could never belittle meBae, I’m a hell of a niggaAin’t with the arguin’, what’s your dilemma?I buy her Kelly’s, the real oneHow you the hero but stay with some villains?I ain’t gon’ switch up my niggas ‘demI run the game like I’m born with the ballYoungin’ ain’t corny at all5 foot 9 but I ain’t that smallFeel like I’m 7 feet tallBro ain’t stoppin’, he just on pauseHe comin’ trim when I call himFaceTime we still talk in codes, I think the Feds on every iPhoneNo more Polo t-shirts, Put that shit on, everyday from now onIn millions of dollars, walkin’ in Prada, drinkin’ out of styrofoamGotta talk in code, when you on FaceTime, like the Feds on the phoneLive a billionaire lifestyle, but I still get bricks to ya’ doorLil’ one got the stick ready to go blitz, lil’ one stay on goFlatline, nigga, one carPull the pounds up in U-haulDodgin’ a life sentence, poppin’ all this shit I talkI done piped up another nigga bitch, I’m too rich, my faultI just alley-ooped a hoe to my dawg, he just slam dunked herBallin’ like Bron, and now I’m startin’ to feel like MessiahCodeine drinkin’, but I swear the money get me higherBitch told the judge that I’m on pills, my mansion got marblesCharge a M for a show, still a serve a bell to you tomorrowFaceTime we still talk in codes, I think the Feds on every iPhoneNo more Polo t-shirts, put that shit on, everyday from now onEverybody can fold, bet I won’tEverybody want it, but I don’tI make niggas follow and I leadI make bitches cum and I leaveVirgil Maybach, it’s so sweetWe just get ’em, ain’t no beefYou can get her back, I can’t keep herWe be gettin’, shhh, that’s our secretRappers wanna kick it, can’t reach meYou and five of y’all niggas, can’t see meReally straight to war, nigga, can’t beat meAkademiks know he ain’t as rich as meBrodie ready to eat for a twenty pieceAin’t got nothin’ to say to you mini-me’sReady to buy a lil’ nigga contractYeah, yeah, whatever, we on thatDisappeared on them, they got weird on me, I’m the fall back kingNumber one shit, me and King Pluto, that’s a smooth tag teamGotta live with it, can’t wake up from it, this is not a bad dreamLook how life changed, TV’s in the shower, used to steal flat screensShhh, I know that they listenin’, fuck ’emKnow not to ask me about nothin’If I ain’t somewhere gettin’ money, then I’m fuckin’That’s that Swiss soundI ain’t goin’ out without a fight, I’m tellin’ you that shit nowWhatever I get, I’ma show my brother, that’s how we get downIf you get offended, it is what it is, bitch, I’m from Atlanta, so I gotta slick mouth

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