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WhatsApp Status Views – How to Increase your viewers on WhatsApp for Free

WhatsApp Status Views

Want to increase your status views on WhatsApp? WhatsApp Status Views is there for you to help you out in getting very active contacts without paying for it.

This is not an advert or sponsorship but due to what we have tested and confirmed, I would always recommend WhatsApp status views as one of the best and legit WhatsApp contacts owners, you don’t have to login, password free and everything is free, although they also have  a premium package for those that wants to customize their names instead of using a random name for their contact. You can use your business or person name.

WhatsApp Status Views have both free and premium packages, we are going to breakdown and explain the packages for you.

Free Package Features

  • The package is totally free
  • WSV suffix
  • Everyday Submission is compulsory
  • For personal use only. Not recommended for Whatsapp TV’s and personal businesses

Premium Package Features

  • Payment Of at least N200 is required
  • No WSV suffix. Your business or personal name are used directly
  • They submit on your behalf for the number of days you paid for
  • Recommended for WhatsApp TV’s and Businesses
  • Good customer service.

How to use WhatsApp status views

  • Visit their website
  • Scroll down to submit your name and number
  • Enter your business name, gender, choose your country, enter your WhatsApp number and submit
  • After submitting the form, you will be given a time interval for you to come back and download your VCF file.
  • When the time is right, come back to the website and click on download VCF file, click on the VCF file that matches your given time and download the VCF file, after download, open the VCF file to save all the contacts to your phone.
  • After that, check your WhatsApp status, you will start seeing different status from your colleagues, anytime you post, they will be able to view your status also. so that’s all about it.

Is WhatsApp status views legit or scam?

After much reviews and personal test using WhatsApp Status Views, I can boldly say it to the world that WhatsApp status views is 101% legit and not a scam.

WhatsApp Status Views Website URL

The direct and official website URL for Whatsapp status views is

How does Whatsapp status views make their Money

WhatsApp Status Views make their money through advertisements and from their premium package.

How much does Whatsapp status views premium package cost?

WhatsApp Status Views premium package is very cheap and with just as little as N200, you can access their premium package and you can make payment by navigating to the Go premium tab. Make payment via Paystack